Betterwith Cream Ice Cream 500ml

Betterwith Cream Ice Cream 500ml

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The dairy we use in our Betterwith Ice Cream is completely traceable, meaning we know exactly the one local farm where the cream comes from, and we know that the cows who produce it are happy, healthy, and well taken care of. Accountability is really important to us, because when we are all held accountable, we can create the absolute best product.


We only use 100% real ingredients. That means no artificial colours or flavours and nothing that doesn't truly add to the ice cream in a delicious and uncompromising way. Plus, absolutely no preservatives, ever. From local Totem strawberries to single-source Tumaco chocolate to the perfect blend of Tahitian and Madagascan vanilla beans, we take care choosing every single ingredient that finds its way into our delicious ice cream.


Cream is the foundation for all our other flavours, but it's also unbelievable all on its own. Think of it like whipped cream, in an ice cream flavour. Not too sweet and definitely not too plain, it tastes amazing with both sweet and savory pairings. Try it with a spoonful of olive oil or espresso. Trust us.


INGREDIENTS: traceable cream, organic sugar, egg yolk, skim milk powder