Candy Meister Fizz Candy 75g

Candy Meister Fizz Candy 75g

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Fruit candies flavored with orange, peach, sweet woodruff and lemon, give these candies a natural fruity flavor with a fizzy tingle on your tongue!

Produced in small batches by a family-owned German candy maker, in shapes and flavors reminiscent of the kind grandma and grandpa used to give you!

Our Candy Meister Fizz Candy contains only natural ingredients and contain no GMOs, no gluten, no dairy products, no corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors, and no animal products.

Ingredients: sugar (beet, cane), glucose syrup, tartaric acid (acidifier), sodium hydrogen carboate (acidity regulator), natural flavours (raspberry, orange, peach, sweet woodruff, lemon), natural food colouring (extract of beet red, stinging nettle, spinach and tumeric).