Organic Veggie Bin

Organic Veggie Bin

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*Please note there are no substitutions allowed with this product. If you have dislikes or food sensitivity please consider building a custom bin.

Please keep in mind that we do occasionally substitute in cases of produce being unavailable or poor quality.

*The contents of our pre-set bins change every week. Please note the date that is listed and check back the week of your delivery/pickup to see what's in the bin.

Week of February 22 - February 28:

1.5lb russet potatoes

1 green leaf lettuce

1 pkg cherry tomatoes

1.25lb carrots

0.75lb sugar snap peas

1 pkg button mushrooms

1 swiss chard

2 red onions

1 orange pepper

4 yams

1 broccoli

1 long english cucumber

1 spaghetti squash